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Natural food for dogs based on fresh, raw meat for fit and healthy dogs.

About us

The origin of Energique

In the Irish Wolf Hound kennel Glenfinnan, Jos van der Linden and Nanette Waldorp returned to more traditional dog foods. That was in 1988.
It turned out to be a smart move, and their dogs acquired an excellent condition. Never again did they have diarrhea or kennel cough when the weather was changing.

Little excrement

It was striking how little excrement the dogs were producing. Extra benefits: hardly any smell and easy to clean up; neat droppings that can be easily disposed of!

Results and experience

Other breeders and dog owners began to show interest in the food of Jos van der Linden and Nanette Waldorp, and in less than no time some 200 dogs were on the Energique diet. These were large and small dogs with all kinds of coat structures.

  1. All dogs became more playful
  2. Male dogs produced better sperm six months after feeding on Energique.
  3. Research conducted at university level showed that animals absorbed and digested nearly 90% of Energique.
  4. On a nationwide scale that is a difference of 50 million(!) kg of droppings a year.
    That’s how Energique works on a healthy and balanced body and a clean environment.

Energique is a frozen product made of the best quality chicken and beef from Friesland (The Netherlands). Energique Special contains lamb from New Zealand, among other things. After removing the feathers, head, legs and internal organs, chickens are minced in one piece, including the bones (cartilage).

Quality meat

Beef muscle tissue and internal organs are used for balanced ingredients as regards proteins, vitamins and minerals. Meat has been approved for human consumption and Energique is monitored by the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (“VWA”) and the National Inspection Service for Livestock and Meat ("RVV"). Analyses are conducted by certified laboratories.


The temperature inside the meat is checked immediately after arrival at Energique for processing. The temperature may not rise above 5°C. The meat is immediately processed and frozen. Beef samples are routinely taken and checked in a lab. Samples of the final products are also taken and checked in the lab for salmonella and other bacteria.


Located at Wetterkant 10 in Gorredijk